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Welcome Team Leaders
Learn more about what it means to be a Team Leader on View the Team Leader Overview (Flashpoint Presentation) given by Dr. Strand.

There is a tremendous movement that is developing in the health and wellness industry today. People desire to become more proactive with their health in an attempt to protect their health or regain their health if they have already lost it. These individuals are willing to spend their time, money, and effort to accomplish this goal. The problem is the fact they want to become involved in a program that has been shown to be clinically effective and not just a fad or passing fancy.

The Healthy for Life Program has been involved in two separate clinical trials that have documented the program's clinical effectiveness. The last clinical trial was certified and approved by the Western International Review Board. The title of the study was "Improving Glycemic Control Through Lifestyle Change". The primary investigators were Dr. Tim Wood and Dr. Ray Strand. This 12 week clinical trial involved 25 participants who completed the first 12 weeks of the 12-month Healthy for Life Program using the Usana Nutritionals and Macro-Optimizers. All of these participants had evidence of early insulin resistance and were at high risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. They did not necessarily have a weight problem. The results were simply amazing. The average participant lost 13 pounds, their BMI or body mass index decreased 2 points, and their waist size decreased an average of 2 inches. Their total cholesterol decreased 17%, their LDL or "bad" cholesterol decreased 21%, and their triglyceride levels decreased 31%. Their blood pressure decreased an average of 8% and the amount of inflammation in their body as documented by a highly sensitive CRP (C-reactive protein) decreased an average of 11%. Their insulin sensitivity index improved a significant 12% as their level of oxidative stress decreased a dramatic 34% during the program.

The Healthy for Life Program and the Usana products have been shown to be clinically effective in improving any participant's health as they decrease their risk of both heart disease and diabetes. The only side effect of this program is permanent weight loss. Dr. Strand wants to partner with anyone who wants to spread this message of health and wellness and become part of the fastest growing industry in the US and industrialized world-the Health and Wellness Industry. The Certified Team Leader Program is just that-a partnership.

There are three major aspects of any program that individuals must evaluate before they become involved. First, are the healthy lifestyles being promoted in the program clinically effective? Participants don't want to put all their time, money, and energy into a program that has only minimal or questionable benefits. The second concern for most potential participants is the fact that they want a program that is easy and doable. In the Healthy for Life Program, you never go hungry, your feel great, you have more energy, your ability to concentrate and focus improves, and you begin losing weight without even trying. No how hard is it to talk anyone into trying to a program with these concerns. The third aspect that is probably the most critical is the fact that the program needs to be developed in such a way as that you can effectively change long-term poor lifestyles. The Healthy for Life Program and the internet offers you the greatest tool available that has the ability to take anyone by the hand and guide them into these new, healthier lifestyles. The Certified Team Leader Program offers the participants that personal aspect and accountability that is so essential for the participant's success.

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  • What are the Benefits of becoming a Team Leader?

  • What is my Role as a Certified Team Leader?

  • What Support do I get as a Certified Team Leader?

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  • Learn more about what it means to be a Team Leader on View the Team Leader Overview (Flashpoint Presentation) given by Dr. Strand.
  • How do you become a Certified Team Leader?

    After you register to become a Certified Team Leader, you will receive your own username and password. This allows you to actually participate in the Healthy for Life "Self-Directed" program. This is a value of $49.95 by itself. However, you also will have immediate access to all of the trainings, which you will be required to read and study. One of the key aspects of becoming a team leader is the fact that you understand the medical and scientific principles that are the basis of this program. You will also be required to complete your own personal lifestyle journal for a minimum of 30 days. This allows you the opportunity to understand why this is a key aspect of the program and how you will be able to encourage your team members to perform this aspect of the program. You will also need to learn and understand all the resources that this web site offers any participants. Once you have accomplished all of these requirements, you will need to complete and pass (greater than 80%) the Certified Team Leader test. Once this is accomplished, your unique, personalized discount code will be activated and you will have special access to Dr. Strand's along with his support.

    What are the Benefits of becoming a Team Leader?

    You will receive your own unique discount code that you will be able to share with any potential team members. This will allow them to receive a 20% discount on whichever program they choose to participate in the Healthy for Life Program. There is a choice of the "Coached", "Self-Directed", or "Combination" Healthy for Life Program. This discount code will also allow them to be placed on your team. You will receive special access to your own personal Certified Team Leader Home Page via your username and password. Once you log on, you will see a list of your team members. You can then see which program they chose, how long they have been in the program, how well they did the last week, the last month, and program to date. You will also be able to view their lifestyle journal and see exactly how they are exercising, consuming their nutritionals, and eating. You will be able to correspond directly with them through the web site via an internal email system.

    This Certified Team Leader web site is a very effective and efficient way for you to follow your team. It creates an accountability and support system that is critical to the success of all of its participants. Obviously, it will be your job to get these individuals on the Usana products either as PC's or Associates. Once they have had a positive experience with the program, they have the option of also becoming a certified team leader by upgrading to the Certified Team Leader Program. This will offer you a tremendous tool to duplicate and expand your business. After all, they will become walking billboards. Everyone will be asking them, "What are you doing to look so good?"

    What is my Role as a Certified Team Leader?

    Your primary role is to support your team. You are not the coach. The web site and Dr. Strand are the coaches. You merely have to be able and willing to encourage and support your team members. The special access to the web site allows you also to be able to hold your team members accountable, which is a major aspect of establishing these new, healthier lifestyles. You may choose to meet with your team in your home, on the phone, or simply through the web site. However, understanding and knowing all about the Healthy for Life Program and the fine Usana products will make you a much more effective team leader. Obviously, sharing these fine products and program will allow you to expand your business and truly enter the health and wellness industry.

    What Support do I get as a Certified Team Leader?

    You are truly in partnership with Dr. Strand. He is here to support you and your team. This is initially accomplished by the education, training, and motivation he has built into this internet program. However, he will also be holding monthly teleconferences with his team leaders to help them know how to attract more and more team members to the program. He will also hold a monthly conference call for your prospects. This allows you to have your prospects hear directly from Dr. Strand the basic principles of the program and the health benefits they can receive if they participate in the Healthy for Life Program.

    Dr. Strand has also developed several tools that will allow you to be more effective in spreading the message of health and the reasons of becoming a member of your team. He has produced books, CD's, DVD, brochures, and booklets that will be made available to Certified Team Leaders at a significantly reduced cost through the Certified Team Leader bookstore.

    Are You Ready to Get Started?

    Are you ready to begin our Certified Team Leader Program & partner with Dr. Strand in spreading this incredible message of health and wellness? If so, just click on the link below to sign up today! If you have further questions about our program, please feel free to contact the Supervisor of our Team Leaders at We look forward to working with you!!!

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