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Healthy for Life Monthly Newsletter

Dr. Strand has created a flash presentation describing Healthy for Life Monthly Newsletter.

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Dr. Strand has developed the Healthy for Life Monthly Newsletter as a way to share cutting-edge medical and scientific research that affects your health and every day life. You can receive this email newsletter "Free" by filling out a simple registration form. Dr. Strand is committed to the emerging field of Nutritional Medicine and "True" Preventive Medicine. The Healthy for Life Newsletter is an ideal way for Dr. Strand to share his research and personal experience with his new Releasing Fat Program. Some of the main aspects of his newsletter will be:

  • Main Article that focuses on a particular topic, which is important for protecting your health or allowing you to regain your health
  • Review of recent studies that have appeared in the medical literature
  • Testimonials from participants in the Releasing Fat Program
  • What’s in the News—Dr. Strand’s timely comments on events that are in the news like SARS, Mad Cows Disease, the Influenza Epidemic, etc.

Dr. Strand encourages everyone to sign up for the free monthly newsletter. It is also a tremendous tool for anyone who wants to promote the use of nutritional supplements among their family, friends, business associates, and preferred customers. So many people quickly discontinue their use of nutritional supplements because they simply do not understand the health benefits of taking high-quality, complete, and balanced nutritional supplements that provide cellular nutrition. Educating individuals on the health benefits of nutritional supplements is not an easy task. However, Dr. Strand’s "Free" monthly newsletter will be able to do just that. All you have to do is register for this newsletter by simply clicking the tag below. Encourage everyone one you know to also sign up for this newsletter or if you have their information and permission, sign them up yourself.

Click here to sign up for the free monthly newsletter.

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